Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pineapple Crush and the Pantone Quilt Challenge

Knowing that I have adult ADD (squirrel!), it is no wonder that I am easily distracted with my creative projects. While I wait for fabric ordered online for my son's quilt (why is it so hard to find solid forest green?) the newest block to catch my interest is pineapple, a variation on the log cabin. A pineapple block ruler is en route too.  

I've pulled fabric for Pantone's greenery produced luscious springtime celebrations with promises of summer heat and lazy days.  I found this Pantone-quilt-challenge-greenery through another quilting blogger and decided to jump into the fray. Posting begins May 19th and the challenge ends May 29th so three weeks feet to the fire - I can do it!

I first I thought "GREEN! ugh" but the rules specific "must contain at least some Greenery or similar green."  So green it is, with other colors scrapping in. The more greenery, the better, with ideally it being the central focus of the quilt. "We'll see" as Mike Tyson would say. The choice of entry is also given as minis, quilt or just the top. Hippy chick busy at work on super secret project.

Mother's Day weekend was wonderful. Thrifting racked up items for $15 but with my $10 off frequent discount, I spent $5 for CAN YOU BELIEVE IT Antique dolls! Storybook dolls big and small.

I've kept the two in the best condition and the larger doll detailed above. That the large doll is intact is amazing. She has her original shoes and under garments.
A super soft T-shirt with a matching necklace with bracelet rounded off my $5 splurge. 
How was your Mother's Day and do you have any crushes or super secret projects?

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