Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bathing in the Purple Rain

My thrift shopping color scheme must have been inspired by the fact that Prince performed in Oakland, California this past weekend. 

Since we are also in the middle of a messy election season here in the states, let's do a poll!

Eddy Bros. hat
Talbot shirt
Lavender coat length jacket
Talbot cornflower blue pants

Which of these thrifted items did I buy?

Do Quizzes

What I did buy is listed at the end of the post. Linking up with Patti, et al. at

And Anne of Spygirl

Sporting a touch of purple on Pattern of the Day from  1968.

Sunday is my day to score artwork at the hospice thrift, print 187/200 titled Florero con Banbu, professionally framed and all priced at $10.50. Using my frequent buyer card, I spent a total of $6 for the lot.

What I did buy was the hat and shirt, the jacket and pants being a tad too small.

Green is busting out all over with our much needed rain. 

Sutter-Ione Road, Amador County

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