Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back to skeool

Fashion linking up with Anne for her 52-pick-me-up-back-to-school and with Patti for her Visible Monday at notdeadyetstyle.

My camera is producing some odd images so I figured I would go with it.  The shirt is a 70s material Lanie J, styled in California $1 thrift shop find.

The natural hair redhead wig was a previous thrift shop find and the optical quality Liz Claiborne collection sunglasses (50 cents) a recent purchase.  Wish I could have red hair but the color washes out too quickly.

I wore a long black skirt for this ensemble.  Nice how the New York Transit pumps photographed so well.

On the body positive front, Jes of themilitantbaker is making the move from part-time blogger to full-time blogger.  While I am not comfortable posting nude photos of myself online, as she and some of her followers may do, she espouses a "body love advocate" philosophy that I can agree with.

My newest favorite song - celebrates body acceptance.

I truly am back to school and taking a business management class on diversity in organizations.  

Pattern of the day - a throwback from 1968.

I found 20 more patterns recently, the earliest dated 1954.  Most likely, I will show the balance of those images for my AtoZ posts this April.

Weekend thrifting scored the following: the 70s rooster, a stuffed My Little Pony, Gibsons teapot and Royal Sutherland plate (patterns and nylons - not pictured) all for $5 and the Charter Club pale pink Cashmere *sings the word* sweater for $2.99.

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