Saturday, January 28, 2012

Got my hair did ~

I keep returning to Spanish Fly Hair Garage in Midtown Sacramento.  It is such a fun salon with talented stylists.  The salon also showcases an artist's work about once every couple of months and large paintings are on display during that time.

Seems these houndstooth pants (a previous TSF from a couple years ago, affectionately called my Rodney Dangerfield pants), have come back in style.  I think the hairstyle is sorta reminiscent of ...

Or, this - 1961 photograph of my mom, me (kiddie brunette flip-do) and my brother at Pacific Ocean Park in California.  Not quite sure what the artist was thinking with these "sculptures" ... perhaps inspired by a magical mushroom experience?  

1 comment:

Vintage Junky said...

love your do!! so cute!

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