Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally, a find!

While this is not the most exciting find from my fav Thrift Town in Del Paso Heights, it is typical of my usual fare - a pair of soft polyester pants ($3.99) to go from work to college, a bag of hair do-dads ($1.99) so I can be oh so unstylish with my scrunchie-wearing self, and Yardley english lavendar soap (69 cents).

I am awaiting delivery of a purchase of approx. one hundred 35 mm slides from an EBayer in England (for the grand sum of $19!).  One of my past-times is converting slide images to digital format.  I am especially fond of pictures taken in the late 1950's, early 1960's, that I will showcase from time to time on this blog.

Took this picture for kicks and giggles - wanted to show off the Lauren skirt (a previous TSF).  If I keep sneaking donuts, then this skirt will fit forever, but if I shed a few poundages, then the skirt will be recycled back.  
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