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Monday, January 16, 2012

Could it be? Miu Miu?

Even though I hit up Amador Hospice thrift last weekend, I had time on Sunday to really browse.  A splurge was this lead crystal art deco-inspired vase ($14.50) no chips, no cracks and in absolute perfect condition.  The small fall print round table cloth used as background in these pictures ($2.50).

I swear I heard angels sing when I spotted this Miu Miu black skirt ($3.50).  Italian-brand labels are an amazing find.  It was a trio of "black" finds, the skirt, the shrug, and a pair of NWT Covington pants (not pictured, $2.50).

The Inc. brand black shrug was a keeper for $3.50.  At 40 cents each, the paint instruction books will be perfect for reference when I return to painting.  The Art of National Geographic just had to join my collection of art books ($2.50).

I have been in a bread-baking mood.  Last week, I attempted a recipe from the New York Times Cookbook by Craig Clairborne (1961 ed.) of Cuban Bread.  It tasted fine but didn't raise like I would have liked but this week's batch turned out just fine.

My plan was to make fruitcake last October to enjoy this past holiday season, but that didn't happen.  My family made it for years. The past few years I have been trying to produce that same wonderful treat but to no avail.  The ingredients alone cost around $30.  When I was grocery shopping I saw the candied fruits and baking tins, even the dry sherry to soak the cakes in, were half off.  So, why not?  Must have been good timing, because here they are ~ they will be wrapped in sherry-soaked cheesecloth, encased then in aluminum foil and stored in a cool place for a few months.

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