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Friday, April 14, 2017

Pink Saturday and prettying up a picture

The letter I have chosen to highlight this week is "P" for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at howsweetthesound. This is one of my ongoing features I revisit from time to time and third in the series of the aprilalternativechallenge. Leading off with a Pattern of the Day, a Baby Doll's Wardrobe from 1957. I scored that and five other doll clothes patterns from the 50s/60s at the Salvation Army Sacramento store.

A slew of floral pinkness.

Well constructed needlework shadow box picked up at the Goodwill boutique thrift store ($6). I couldn't pass it up what with the letter "T" and all. I took the glass off the front for a clearer image.

Pink remnants to be included in a quilt creation, dreaming of visiting Paris again one day.

My go-to art spot at hospice thrift didn't leave me disappointed. The hibiscus flower needlework just needed a frame and the washed out butterfly framed print (half off) needed an update, (grand total $5.12). The frame was in excellent shape and there was no staining on the mattes.
I hated to remove such a pretty backing but it was torn anyway.
The needlework was protected in hard plastic so I removed that. I separated the mattes from the print and also removed the brackets on the back of the frame. I took the glass out of the frame and thoroughly washed it and rotated it to install the new piece.

The green of the two mattes were so close, I just centered the picture and affixed the back with the bendable prongs. I love this new piece of artwork, it is perfect for spring!

Have you found frames and pictures that were meant for each other?

In other news, the 2017 New Quilters Blog Hop continues with the following participants in my "hive" posting on Monday, April 17th.
chaostheoryquilting aka My Sew Called Life

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