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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shamrocks and good luck

Leading off the day's post with an image from the 1959 Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Cook Book.  

I have an interview on St. Paddy's Day with a State agency with some cachet.  I'll be wearing the green!

Thrift Shop happenings amounted to one visit for a little less than $28, that included a pair of sunny yellow clip-on earrings.

A pot shelf/book shelf, some hardcover books and a Disney wine glass. 

A travel print tote with makeup bag and replacement lid for a small crock pot.

A runner rug (badly snagged) that I will trim up and launder.  A pair of Lucky Brand jeans and a purple Charter Club V-neck pullover.

This pair of West Pac Japanese ceramic hand painted roosters were something to crow about!  They are in great condition except for a little red paint loss.  No chips and with a sand pebbly surface.  I have never seen anything quite like them.  

Update to the bookshelf - all my books are organized now.

A to Z Blog Challenge post preparation continues.  I nearly have all of the letters fleshed out. It is going to be such a fun event.
In the good luck realm, I have been nominated as Best Local Sacramento Blogger.  It is an easy link to vote for me through FB or Google+.  Please throw a vote my way!

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