Saturday, September 24, 2011

50 cent ceramic genie bottle lamp

I dropped by

Interfaith's Great Finds Thrift Shop
460 Highway 49
Sutter Creek, California
(209) 267-5970

for their buy $20, get $10 off sale.  Green-dotted items were 50 cents, including the lamp, the bathroom soap decopauge sign, the Benny Goodman greatest hits CD and the clothes in following picture.  White-tagged items were 25 cents, so all in all I spent $10.75. 

A short ornate peach-colored night gown, an Italian made The Works Saks Fifth Avenue brown blazer and a Liz Claiborne polyester dress.  Amazes me that each piece cost 50 cents!  If they don't fit, I just recycle them back as donations.  I hold myself to the rule ~ one bag in / one bag out. 

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