Friday, November 15, 2013

Mad for plaid

Ms. Papelicos' share-in-style prompt for November 15 is PLAID!  While I could have recycled my long plaid thrifted 70s skirt shown here (I've got a Gramma Moses vibe going on in that post).  I wanted to find "new/old" plaid.  Yeah, it is one thing to just go into your closet and cobb together an outfit, but I take these prompts as an EXCUSE to find thrifted pieces.  I would have never thought to look for plaid.  Course, now I am seeing it everywhere~

Lavendar hat
Charter Club cashmere sweater
(both thrifted)
Cole Haan pumps (retail)
Does my bum make this plaid look big?

I hadn't ventured out to the Deseret Industries thrift shop in quite awhile.  Julia V's review on re Deseret pretty much sums it up, "Great if you need anything but clothing.  I swear they get their shipments via time travel from Iowa, circa 1994."  Time traveling Deseret Industries came through for me.  I found not one plaid skirt but FOUR plaid skirts to try on.  I settled on this Tribeca Studio lavendar plaid ($4), and earlier in the week had snagged this necklace from Thrift Town ($7.99).  I thought the beads alone were worth that.

I have never really been a fan of plaid.  Country western wear has utilized plaid since the beginning of time, so I have a few CW shirts - def country plaid.  There is flannel shirt plaid - I always associate with the Pacific Northwest grunge/alt/etc.  Have to admit this new ensemble has rocketed up to my favorite of this year's pickins.

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Will you be wearing plaid this season?

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