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Hippy Chick Wonky Wallhanging

My super secret project is my quilt challenge entry for the Pantone Color of the Year of Greenery, the Hippy Chick Wonky Wallhanging measuring 24" x 19-1/2".  Machine pieced and machine bound, a skosh of applique, otherwise hand quilted.

Mini quilt scrappy pieced backing

The reason why I call it Hippy Chick is because I was a child of the 1960s. Some of the fabric seemed kind of hippy dippy psychedelic. My fashion look during that time period was wire-framed granny glasses, a mid-drift tied shirt, hot pants (otherwise known as short shorts) and white Nancy Sinatra boots.
But I digress, fashion-related items do that to me. I arrived late to the party at who announced the challenge in the middle of March. Better late than never!

At bit about my process (or lack thereof), I wanted to make wonky blocks but wasn't quite sure how to go about it. After the fact, I viewed a couple of online tutorials but didn't learn anything. They also used foundations f…

Something fun with 30 Odds

While I am finishing up my super secret Hippy Chick project for the Pantone Quilt Challenge, I bumped onto this website with 30 Odd Questions at

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 
Being a stewardess was all the rage when I was a kid. But when I flew and realized they were basically waitresses who navigated narrow aisles, I lost interest. Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most? Why?  Probably Rachel, because she is over the top cute and a fashion trendsetter (think "hair"). Do you like your name? Why?  I like it - but as a child I wanted my name to be Candy. Course, mom and dad weren't on board with that one, it being kind of a stripper name. Are you messy or neat?  Gotta keep things neat or I can't think straight. How tall are you?  Just a smurf at 5'3". How tall were you when you were 10?  This question perplexes me, I seriously can't remember. What is your guilty pleasure?  Something I can't post online ~ Wh…

Pineapple Crush and the Pantone Quilt Challenge

Knowing that I have adult ADD (squirrel!), it is no wonder that I am easily distracted with my creative projects. While I wait for fabric ordered online for my son's quilt (why is it so hard to find solid forest green?) the newest block to catch my interest is pineapple, a variation on the log cabin. A pineapple block ruler is en route too.  

I've pulled fabric for Pantone's greenery produced luscious springtime celebrations with promises of summer heat and lazy days.  I found this Pantone-quilt-challenge-greenery through another quilting blogger and decided to jump into the fray. Posting begins May 19th and the challenge ends May 29th so three weeks feet to the fire - I can do it!

I first I thought "GREEN! ugh" but the rules specific "must contain at least some Greenery or similar green."  So green it is, with other colors scrapping in. The more greenery, the better, with ideally it being the central focus of the quilt. "We'll see" as Mike…

Baby on the way with dollies sure to follow

One of the reasons I began quilting was to make handmade gifts for co-workers expecting babies. It would be easy enough to just add money to the gift card du jour. I opt for the investment of time and tradition. Time frame goal to completion - less than a week.

I have learned that not all fabric is created equal. Ah, I hear those peals of laughter from the more experienced ones. When I began this baby quilt project, I pulled a stack of wanna-bes and ended up with the newest, zoomiest fabric that included pieces from a Riley Blake jelly roll and a Joann's specialty pack.  The other thrifted fabric seemed a little sad and well, used up. I also thought I could use the baby fabric banner but it too didn't make the cut, it can be saved for a baby shower event.

For the backing I thought was the perfect remnant, but when I was quilting the piece, the woven fabric caught on the machine and snagged, not just any old snag, a major snag. I didn't cut the exposed thread, I placed it al…

Son's Quilt showcased

The lead off image is the beginning of the backing for my Son's Quilt. If you are going to have ducks, you've got to include a bird dog! Zipper Von Zalez keeping watch over the area. 

It is my day to shine for the 2017 New Quilter's Blog Hop hosted by Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl, Leanne @she can quilt and Beth @Cooking Up Quilts. The others highlighted on this day include:
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Let's get on with the show! A quick quilting intro about moi - my mother first taught …

Weird and wacky in the world of thrift

Another of my recurring features are the Weird and Wacky, previous year's posts 2016 and 2015. This is my 4th and final post for the Aprilalternativechallenge - the weird and wacky in the world of thrift, beginning with a few owls,

some friendly frogs,
a strawberry shortcake and her creepy clown friend.
Adding in a tissue box cover.
I am not sure what the following creation is but it is resplendent in it's glue-gun gone wrong adornment. Stuffed guy and his fish pal joining the party. Welcomed by the cork wreath.
On my regular thrifting there was fabric, a quilt book How to Make an Amish Quilt and Olaf. I have begun collecting certain Ty Beanie Babies, ok, the ones I think might be collectible, some that I attach atop baby shower gifts, and some I just keep for myself.

Another retro item I have added to my secondhand thrift shopping list is vinyl records. Of course, they have to be in good condition and something I would eventually like to listen to, like jazz from the 60s/70s.

What is…

Pink Saturday and prettying up a picture

The letter I have chosen to highlight this week is "P" for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at howsweetthesound. This is one of my ongoing features I revisit from time to time and third in the series of the aprilalternativechallenge. Leading off with a Pattern of the Day, a Baby Doll's Wardrobe from 1957. I scored that and five other doll clothes patterns from the 50s/60s at the Salvation Army Sacramento store.

A slew of floral pinkness.

Well constructed needlework shadow box picked up at the Goodwill boutique thrift store ($6). I couldn't pass it up what with the letter "T" and all. I took the glass off the front for a clearer image.

Pink remnants to be included in a quilt creation, dreaming of visiting Paris again one day.

My go-to art spot at hospice thrift didn't leave me disappointed. The hibiscus flower needlework just needed a frame and the washed out butterfly framed print (half off) needed an update, (grand total $5.12). The frame was in excellent…