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Man's shirt repurposed and the Shop Drop Challenge 2016

Creations from a man's shirt of the Hawaiian shirt hoarder continue with repurposed fabric art. Beginning this summer, I obtained over 40 Hawaiian shirts at an estate sale and garnered numerous fabric scraps through thrifting. This year I produced eight quilts ranging from crib to queen sized. Two log cabin quilts are awaiting "sandwiching" (combining the top, batting and backing) for quilting and binding.

Links to some of those quilting posts


At first I didn't like this print because it seemed untraditional for quilting purposes, now I am glad I kept it for this project. This is one of the processed shirt panels. 

I cut 3-1/2 inch strips of shirt material and of solid black and alternated in sewing them together. I affixed the quilt sandwich together with a straight stitch down each side of the black strips. My goal was to cove…

Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas!

Thank you for joining me for this Countdown to Christmas.

May you all be as comfy as this kiddo wrapped in a Christmas quilt.

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Such cute artwork!

Signups for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge will be on January 25. Be sure to mark your calendar.

Yarn Gone Wrong

The yarn has not gone wrong, it is the fabric artist's creative vision that has gone slightly awry.



Blog linkup gone wrong. For those mobile users, my apologies for the inLinkz script that prevented you from viewing my Countdown posts. All have been restored. Html coding can be tricky sometimes.

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Von Zalez loves Vintage

Rounding down these last few days of the Countdown are the remainder of the inmates that caught my eye.

The card cutout looks vintage but the toothpick frame seems recent. It was in a bag of ornaments I bought at hospice thrift for 50 cents.

One blog I can count on to post vintage or retro images is goldcountrygirls.  Here is one image from their Scenes from a Vintage Christmas post.

@vinnyboyvintage on Instagram
These images are undated Christmas cards from the Passionist Missionaries that I received from another blogger on a gift exchange.

I found a pair of Leftons, only 50 cents each, on this last week rounding into Christmas.  Silly sentimentalist that I am, tears came to my eyes, I was so happy. I have never seen these two before in all of my image surfing. I am not sure whether the Lefton on the left is a cross-dresser or not - he/she has a moustache and red lipstick. 

I am delighted with the thrift shop rescued ornaments I have gathered over the years with this lot b…

The Abominable and T-Rex

Being a Seattle native, I love this picture of the Abominal and the Space Needle.  

I just discovered this Abominal finger puppet I had snagged some time ago thrifting.  This year I decided to use all of my holiday decorations and there he was tucked away with one of my lighted houses.  

I could not resist this Abominable Snowman, a $1 thrift shop rescue. T-Rex is not too keen about him joining my collection.

The Abominal Wreath

Vinylmation Abominal Snowman

Tyrano from the 2014 Countdown

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Album covers kitsching all the way

Kitsch in all of its glory appears frequently on album covers.  No further explanation needed -

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Gifts that make you go Gah and glitter bombing

Some Christmas decorations defy description, like this Santa toilet paper holder.
Outhouse ornament?
And that perfect gift you've been searching for?
There were the Golden Girl granny panties.

A link to some alternative gifts The-still-weird-gift-guide-stuff-to-wear

And now there is glitter bombing
(lumbersexuals - their term ....)

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I watched the Ally McBeal show - what a romp!  The best of the recording is Macy Gray's version of Winter Wonderland.