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Back to black and platinum hair

Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up-paint-it-black prompt, BLACK, so appropriate for this spooky time of the year. Back to black and my celebration of platinum hair!  PLATINUM?  What?  Doesn't that go against all the rules?

When you wear all black, you've got to have something break up the monotony.  Statement hair, statement piece of jewelry.  Doesn't matter, statement something.  I always feel like Johnny Cash(ette) when I wear all black.

Back to the hair discussion.  I tried to go "natural" which for me is white gray salt and pepper sorta gahhhhh. It was awful.  And I cut it all off.  I darn near did a Dorothy Hamill wedge (you know the hairstyle I'm talking about).  I cannot tell you how happy I am to have my long (for me) platinum hair back.

The playing it straight for the forums pose.

Louis Ferard coat length jacket Liz Claiborne black/white checked knit shirt Cathy Daniels knit pants BCBGeneration boots

I started out with my trusty black Ariat cowgirl boots bu…

Halloween Tea Party with Fanciful Twist

Joining Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for her ~

Things have not been going as planned for the past couple of days.  I can't find my camera, my cell phone has lost all power.  I had taken this shot of Muffy Vanderbear dressed in a handmade dress.  For some reason, Muffy creeped me out.  WHAT?  Yes, it's true - see for yourself ...

To apologize for my lack of inventiveness and nomination as Team Captain for #teamlame, I offer this consolation prize.

Upcoming blog event that is signing up participants now is with Vicki at  Last year, she had 400 bloggers participate.  I gained sooo many follower from this event.  The majority that link up are in the fabric arts realm.  Do check it out!

AFTERNOON UPDATE!  Camera found, cell phone charged, I am sharing my collection of Halloween "smalls."  I have been microsizing my holiday collections, these particular items I have had for many years.  This first collection is the monster series, I believe were kid…

Freaky Friday on Google+ and baby doll mugshots

Freaky Friday on Google+ featuring Baby Doll mugshots!  These baby dolls are inmates on and bid around $10 - $20 (after shipping and handling charges are added on).
1970s Gerber baby heralds from Santa Rosa, item condition notes, "The eyes move in funny ways."

1976 Mattel baby doll is being held in Greenville, South Carolina and doesn't look happy about having to appear in her stained clothing.

1982 Mattel Roller Skater from Omaha, Nebraska likes to roller skate in the nude.  Condition notes:  "The roller skating motion turns on, but the doll does not stay upright."

The backside of roller skater doll reminds of an TV ad that was running in the U.S.  

YouTube link to those wondering which ad I am referring to:

Fairy doll kisses from this inmate from Grandville, Michigan.  

Happy Freaky Friday!

Throwback Thursday

The 1964 version of me wearing what is probably not supposed to be a creepy bunny costume.

This dolly is a throwback.  Last week's thrift shop find was 99 cent Beth Alexander-kins scored from Goodwill on 16th Street in Sacramento.  Finds like this make it all worthwhile.  Her pinafore needs some attention but nothing that a little bluing won't cure.  She will join my bevy of Alexander-kins.

Throwback finds from Thrift Town - How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (pub. 1978, $2.99, retail $16.95) and The Marvel Vault, A Museum in a Book (pub. 2007, $4.99, retail $49.95).  I would love to show the inside of the vault but all rights are reserved.  A fun acquisition.  

Blogtober Just Got Pinteresting

The Sits Girls Blogtober just got pinteresting!  My halloween board:

Pinning this image from the Vapor Thrift Store in Jackson, California.  Their description:

Looking for costume ideas? Meet Princess Autumn, our window mannequin. We've had at least five customers wanting to buy her dress. With a little creative ingenuity and a few thrift store purchases (an old wedding dress, two satin flat sheets, one plaid tablecloth, one green shower curtain, one valance, yards and yards of inexpensive orange fabric lining, one sheer curtain, an orange scarf, a satin purse and an armful of dried fall flowers), you too could be an Autumn Princess, or anything else for that matter.

Here is a link to Vapor-Thrift-Store-Jackson Facebook page.  

Trick or Tweet Tuesday

Two thrift shop ceramics, one I grabbed the image, the other joined my collection.  

This lady in blue was sooo cute but she was busted up and glued back together.

Tami's thrift shop toys
"For my mink coat" piggy bank stamped "Japan" ($8.50)
A girl's jewelry box ($4.50)

Twicking and tweeting this Tuesday with the Sits Girls' Blogtober challenge to "link up your twitter account, follow two people immediately in front of you in the Linky, and then send out a tweet to your new friends using the hashtag #SITSBlogging."

My Twitter link:

While we are on the subject, let's talk Twitter.  While I run my blog through the site, I just don't get the allure.  I'm just not twitterpated (there's an old school word).  The only useful purpose I could see for a business is if you run a mobile meal truck and you twitter your location to customers.  That, or run contests ..

How do you utilize Twitter?

Passion for fashion

Linking to my About Me or "Moi" page for this first day of the SITS Girls Blogtober challenge.

It is apparent that I love fashion.  Occasionally, I will buy a glossy fashion magazine and get an eye overload on all the things I can't afford.  The fashion that draws me is what other bloggers are wearing and how they are expressing themselves.  The fashion linkups are online collaborations that prompt new ideas and new ways to wear classic pieces.  Other times it is mixing and matching pieces you would think should not go together.  Some push fashion boundaries - I wonder if they are seen out in public in that getup or just going for the photograph?

I am fascinated by my fellow fashion bloggers.  A person has to possess enough self confidence to model, take (or have someone take) the photos, edit and post them, write the text, post to fashion boards, comment on other's posts and reply back.  It takes a commitment and a passion for fashion shared worldwide.

What is in…

Halloween Roundup with Sacramento Bloggers

Sacramento Bloggers had a call out to their members to link up "some fabulous Halloween posts ... think party planning, costume creation, creepy crafts and anything Halloween related."

This Halloween lantern is a recent retail purchase at 75% off.  Scooby Doo dressed as a bat was a recent thrift shop rescue (a keeper at $1.50).  What I like about the small stuffed seasonal-themed animals is you can trade them out easily and they are so darn cute!  Xena photobombed the shot for me.

Autumn festivities about town in Ione, California, included the squash growing competition.

And a scarecrow competition ~

Last weekend autumnal thrift shop finds were a corduroy Resistol cowboy hat ($2.50) THAT hat is going to make an appearance in Hat Attack at the first of the month.  

A Bergdorf Goodman scarf ($1), Charter Club sleeveless purple shirt ($2.50), a Koret sequined bowling shirt ($2.50) and a tiger pin ($2.50) shown at the end of this post.    
Images about town in Sacramento.  Did…

Accessorize and tie-dye hippie pink

The first prompt for my blogspiration (blog inspiration) was Spy Girl's 52-pick-me-up-accessorize to "Put on your accessories first.  Now get dressed."

My accessories ~

My tie-dye hippie pink housedress with red wig and accessories!  I would soooo love to have red hair but I would be dying it ever other day.  The housedress is oh so comfy and I have a special fondness for tie-dye. Too bad this housedress makes me look as BIG as a house.  Ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion ~

This image I was trying to go for one of the The Citizen Rosebud's signature face shots - I think I need more practice.

Tie-dye hippie pink outfit was entirely thrifted.  Link to my vlog with those finds thrift-shop-haul.

Blog hopped with Beverly for Pink Saturday at howsweetthesound.

A first link up with Jane George at Flight Platform Living.  Her prompts for October are:

Week 3 is PINK!  Course I was out commando thrift shopping and this outfit was just begging to be thrown together and phot…