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Strangers in the night (and an upcoming hop and month-long photo challenge)

Here it is month end, time for the 5 photograph challenge with P.J. of a lil hoo haa.  This month's theme was NIGHT.  (P.J. - what in the world were you thinking?)  I knew I couldn't slide by with images of sunsets and the moon.  All I could muster up was three images - but three is better than none.

Solar light reflecting on cactus.

What Muffy Vanderbears do at night.

Nighty night Xena WARRIOR PRINCESS.  I pinky swear I took this at nightfall ~

Be sure to visit the other talented bloggers posting along with this challenge.

One of my favorite hops is coming up ~

I am so jazzed about the party, it's got me ...

I've got a light workload on my college coursework this summer session (goofing off, I know), so I'm joining in with i Heart Faces photography for a June Photo Challenge.  A no-pressure post one day or all days no guidelines (family friendly) challenge.

The Towel Day Blogfest

Linking with L.G. Keltner for ~

To celebrate the life and works of Douglas Adams, best known for his book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Here are a couple of his quotes:

Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast.

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

In further celebration of the weird and random ~

via Bunny Food

via Pleated Jeans
via Pleated Jean

Both images via Bunny Food

Pink Saturday

Linking with Beverly at howsweetthesound for a 5th birthday celebration hosting this event!

Being my usual rebellious self, I post fashion, and only PINK fashion.

1955 knit fashion

Fashion by Castillo, 1964

Oops, how did that sneak in?    via The Hair Hall of Fame

Audrey Hepburn, 1960s

Photo by Toscani, 1972

1950s Max Factor ad

1950s illustration by Al Buell

Ok, so it's a toilet paper print ad - isn't she lovely though?

Mirella Pettini wearing fashion by Trigere, 1965

Fashion from Sears, 1963


Friday's Frock and Random 5 Friday

Friday's Frock is the recent thrift shop find of the wrapped skirt, an Old Navy knit shirt (also thrifted), and a Calvin Klein sweater (retail).  My shooting star hydrangea is just starting to bloom - the plant with the white flowers.  #1 Randomness

Can a doll be stylish without trying - I think so!

Vintage Vogue doll ( inmate)
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How could I pass up books at 40% off at Goodwill?  One summer reading is Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, and  the other The Writer's Harbrace Handbook (60 cents each).  The bonus was a Casual Corner sleeveless cotton shirt ($3.99), poor thing has since been laundered and pressed.  #2 Randomness

I'll be attempting to catch some fish this weekend.  Mr. VZ won't admit it, but I caught the larger fish (shown on my vlog).  #3 Randomness
At the end of this post are some cute kitschy mermaids, images that I snagged from another blog site.  I had a hecka terrible time trying to get thos…

Time for the chicken dance

I have been thrift shopping - I swear I have, sometimes there is a long streak of no finds.  I did scare up a couple of poetry books on Mother's Day after making the Fort Bragg circuit (4 thrift shops in one small town).  Today I got my Thrift Town fix with this Wrapper cotton skirt with flower appliques (half off white tags for $1.50).

Monday means a linkup with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style

Wrong way to wait for a job interview?

I'll play it straight on this image ...

Talbots lined chartreuse sweater St. John's Bay sleeveless collared shirt Jones Wear flared skirt (all thrifted) Naturalizer sandals Brighton bag (retail)
With no writing challenge on the horizon (I've nearly recovered from the AtoZ challenge), I must find other ways to amuse myself.  Please check out my vlog.  I think I'm getting the hang of my Adobe Premier program.  Finally, the blogger speaks.

Those following the progress of the-travelling-yellow-skirt-freak-show, Amber of Butane Anvil has posted her in…

Friday's Frock and a pint-sized fashionista

Friday's Frock is this cute plaid print skirt I posted as a thrift shop find earlier in the week.

Fashion Bug cardigan Basic Editions sleeveless shirt Bandolino skirt (all thrifted) Cole Haan shoes (retail) Purse (gift from Mr. VZ)
Usually I stick with one image of my outfit du jour but this image - I just had include it.  So, am I channeling the cat or is the cat channeling me?  What a hoot!  

I encountered this pint-sized fashionista named Justice with her parents in downtown Sacramento.  She is rocking her little girl style (with a firm grip on her daddy's pant leg).

I got to talking to the parents and, small world, they used to have a thrift shop in Marysville, California, called "Jessica's Closet."  Fellow thrifters - gotta love them!

First there were the pre-AtoZ blog hops, the AtoZ Challenge, and NOW  ....

I've linked up for the ultimate-road-trip.  For those interested in increasing traffic to their blog, the A to Z Challenge fits the bill.  Ready to hit th…

You're Gonna Love It Tuesday and thrift shop finds

In my thrift shop wanderings, I come across toys and such for little girls.  While I do not have any little girls in my life, a co-worker has two such darlings.  A recent thrift shop find was a little girl's apron, modeled below:

The mom said she was unhappy because she wanted to wear the apron with the pocket facing her tummy.  Ah, the joys of a three year old.

I may have mentioned how much I adore cashmere - fabric for goddesses.  Weekend thrift shop finds began with this NWT (new with tag) Charter Club cashmere boat neck sweater (Goodwill $6.99, retail $120).  It is in perfect condition.  This color looks amazing *sings the word* on me.

Second round of finds at one of the hospice thrift shops were a glass covered butter dish ($4), and a Western-themed long-sleeved shirt ($3), neither of which is pictured.

I have always worn maxi skirts and am very comfortable with them.  This Bandolino plaid print ($3) is darling, draped over the blooming clematis.  On my wish list is a larg…

Ze Wrap Up aka Reflections on the AtoZ Challenge

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge
I had a chance to visit nearly all of the challenge participants.  I have never encountered so many anxious bloggers, those first time participants wondering whether they could do 26 posts and blog about something from A to Z.  Each year I participate in the We Work for Cheese writing challenge, a challenge in the truest sense of the word, the hosts think up bizarre, mind-bending topics.  I've been to that virtual bloggy boot camp.  (Love it actually, it is a writing romp).

Back to reflections:  There were the bloggers who signed up, and then forgot to post.  There were the universally-hated captcha comment forms - we beg and plead a blogger to turn off, but they don't.  Ah, perhaps they do, if I really want to reach out to a blogger, I'll struggle through that captcha nonsense.

My recommendation for those newbies who join up next year, draft your posts a month in advance, have a germ of an idea and just put something down.  For approx…