F is for Furniture - A to Z Writing Challenge topic

There is so much furniture cycling through the thrift shops now.  I believe it is an indicator of families downsizing, moving to smaller dwellings or just de-cluttering in general.  It is the case here in California, the real estate meltdown was especially brutal to us.

Those 65 and older are the fastest growing demographic in the world.  I suppose many, fortunate enough to remain in good health, are looking to lifestyles free of "stuff."

Even though I am a day late and dollar short of "F" for Friday's Frock, here I am ... Miss Thrift Shop Commando.  See the light shining off of her glasses and her Mona Lisa smile ...

Bloomingdale jacket
Ranked silk blouse
Jones New York maxi skirt
(Entire outfit thrifted)
Donald Pliner ballet flats (retail)

A to Z Challenge [2013]

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