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Every thrifter’s dream is finding the million dollar artwork, sculpture, piece of furniture, gizmo, toy, you-name-it.  One such find recently hit the news - a $3 thrift shop find "Ding" bowl sold at auction for $2.23 million.

The Antiques Roadshow on the Public Television Network, routinely showcases thrift shop gems.  At the beginning of this year, that show highlighted a Diego Rivera painting that appraised at $1 million dollars.  

Even more amazing is a man who walking by a dumpster spied three discarded violins and brought them to be appraised at the Antiques Roadshow in Corpus Christi.  Two of the violins were worthless but a third was made in the 1920s by the famed Italian violin maker Giuseppi Pedrazinni and appraised at $35,000-$50,000.

I am going to throw in another "E" on this post.  My thrift shop find of a couple days ago at Ecothrift, a Western hat band ($1.50).  There were about 30 to choose from.  A ladies cowboy hat is on my thrift "want" list.

And for the Public Service Announcement for Sacramento residents - EcoMall, 7224 55th Street, Sacramento, is now open, 40,000 sq. ft. of thrift, thrift and more thrift.  This will not be a quick stop and shop ... I may have to pack a lunch.

A to Z Challenge [2013]

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