C is for Clothing - A to Z Writing Challenge topic and What I Wore Wednesday

Clothing, scads and scads of it land in the thrift shops.  It is the number one donation that draws and sells the best.  There could be any number of reasons clothing has arrived at the thrift shop: one has cleaned out closets, has bought a new wardrobe and is tired of the garment, or has passed on.  Occasionally, you will find a quality vintage garment like a wooly lamb coat in pristine condition.  The original owner kept that garment preserved in a garment bag with cedar blocks or in a cedar chest.  Something like that brings joy to the treasure-hunting thrifter.

Not only do I buy thrift, I post images of myself in thrifted outfits for What I Wore Wednesday or Friday's Frock.  And .... since today is Wednesday (you guessed it), here is What I Wore ~ (I'm trying to get used to modeling with a purse ...)

Pink cashmere sweater (retail)
St. John's Bay black sleeveless collared shirt (thrifted)
Caslon black floral print skirt (thrifted)
Aerosoles black pumps (retail)

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This might be a new concept for some AtoZ visitors - a blog that hosts weekly fashion posts.  In fact, there are quite a few of them (that I have shamelessly linked into).

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