Day 23 of Photograph A Day (Chaos) and Blog Hops (not so chaotic)

A chaotic day's topic - stuffed animal jumble at Thrift Town.

Thrift shop finds of The Monkees Greatest Hits ($3.99) and a Casual Corner stretch skirt ($5.99) at the Goodwill Retail Store, 1621 L Street, Sacramento.  I have always been more of a Monkees fan than a Beatles fan.

I don't usually stop at this store - seems so, retail, less treasure-huntesque.  They've sifted and sorted and chosen the best of the donations to sell.  There is a wide selection of CDs and DVDs and right now Halloween costumes galore (at seemingly reasonable prices).

Back to chaos - who could forget Jeff Goldblum as the mathematician in Jurassic Park who specialized in the chaos theory?

Anything chaotic happening in your life?

Aw heck, let's blog hop ... with the The Blue-eyed Owl

A drop by to Mrs. Olson's Jann Olson

Just to round things out, we'll sit a spell at From My Front Porch To Yours


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