Day 15 Photography challenge topic (Silhouette)

The photography challenge topic for the day - silhouette.  I have posted oak tree in silhouette, and way off in the distance you can spot Rancho Seco, a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Herald, California.

The weekend foray up to the Amador County thrift shops resulted in an Apt. 9 brown collared button up short-sleeved shirt ($3.50) at Amador Hospice Thrift Shop.  I also picked up the promotional card for the Amador County Fair Barn in the USA.  For a true hometown feel to a county fair, Amador fits the bill.  

Rather than detail out the lot pictured above, all was bought at Interfaith's Great Finds for less than $10.  The scarves I utilize as backgrounds.  The story behind the card table cover.  I bought that because the last time Mr. VZ and I were camping, I asked if there was a tablecloth for the picnic table.  "What tablecoth?" he replied.  The industrial gray table cover should be manly-man enough for the alpha male outdoorsman.

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