30-day writing challenge ~ Day 23 (Stiletto Heels)

Stiletto Heels.

Now WWFC has hit on a subject I know (or pretend to know) something about.  Heels!  Love them.  Can't wear them.  There is something about a exquisitely made shoe, the Christian Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks. *sigh*  Heels make an outfit look oh so chic.

And these shoes are just divine.  The Bianca ~ http://us.christianlouboutin.com
A woman's fascination with heels begins early on.  I know, as a toddler, I would rummage through mummy's closet and then clump up and down the hallway in her heels.  

I tend to be on the low end of the scale when it comes how many heels I own - less than ten.  The shoes are crippling and wearing them changes one's entire posture.  But, amazingly enough, when you wear the darn things long enough, you can even run in them.  

Stiletto Heels.  It's a love-hate relationship. 

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